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Bonding and Attachments If you are paying $50.00 a month for someone to do you’re bonding, that is $600.00 per year. This is more than enough to buy a custom system from us annually. After you use our bonding systems, you will SAVE BIG  $50.00 a month, it is easy and reliable and you will be thrilled with the results.

You can be in control of your Hair Replacement Needs. How?

Do your own bonding by shop4hair Method.

We can really teach you to be independent with your hair system, Many shop4hair Customers learn to care for their own systems, the same, as they would do for their natural growing hair. Now, with human hair, you can wash, curl, and styling every morning if you like.

We have 3 basic bonding attachments

The first is for our skin like systems. You can do a spot bond for easy removal everyday, or a more permanent bond, it is up to you. We have the materials to help you achieve a bond lasting 2 to 4 weeks, with glue or tape. We encourage customers to change their units every 4 weeks, simply for hygienic reasons. Since we are not trying to sell you a hair system every 6 weeks, or servicing your existing unit, there is no need to wait 6 weeks.

We also have a permanent bond using red liner tape, followed by the shop4hair Bonding adhesive. This type of attachment is simple, because the red liner will pull directly off the unit and take the sticky glue with it.

If you don't like to use the bonding adhesive, you can use two-face tape. for the same effect. We can tell you how.
for woman...attachments, depending on the hair loss and the unit.

We can suggest an attachment method that will be simple for you to learn and use confidently. We also have info that walk you through the various methods that can be taken off and on frequently, until you get accustomed to the unit. For more information on these products, visit our online catalog,  where we have an assortment of tapes, clips, bonding kits and other Hair Care products.