If you have hair loss from Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, Chemotherapy related hair loss or just thinning hair

We have the non-surgical Hair Loss Solution.

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Hello! let me take this opportunity to introduce my self  to you, My name is Paul Meyers owner of His & Hers Hair cutters Inc. and His & Hers Hair Replacement's  / shop4hair.com  When I lost my hair 25 years ago , I devoted all my time trying to find the worlds most undetectable hair replacement systems. After testing them on over 1,000 customers in my hair salon I put together a collection of hair systems with the most undetectable natural looking hairline and the most realistic hair patterns, all that contributed to my great success, now you can have the same results with our patented hair systems, Just click on the link listed above to learn more about the industries highest standard hand made hair replacement systems.




Single Hair Insertion: By now you might have heard of our super fine skin base material.


for our super natural looking hair line

 and our Single Hair Insertion




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Our Hair systems are constructed from the newest base materials available in the latest designs. We have many base designs to choose from, or we can reproduce your old hair system for you. By now you might have heard of our super fine see through base material. To complement this amazing material we developed the implant hair, one strand at a time into the super fine see through base material giving our hair system the most natural effect possible. You wont believe how good it looks.



The industries most undetectable hair replacement systems

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